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Emma Stanley

Developmental Educator


What is a Developmental Educator?

Developmental Educators, also known as DE’s, work from a strengths based, inclusive and person centred approach. DE’s are Disability Specialists and Allied Health Professionals who work across the lifespan to facilitate and support the inclusion of individuals with a disability at home, in school settings and the community. DE’s collaborate closely with families, schools, workplaces and other service providers to tailor programs that suit the needs of the individuals.

How can a Developmental Educator help?

A Developmental Educator focuses on learning and developmental outcomes for individuals living with a disability and their family. A range of areas that DE’s can help with are:

• Providing families and schools with appropriate strategies to aid with a child’s development and enhance their understanding and communication skills

• Specialised programs and strategies for individuals with autism, that is tailored to their needs

• Facilitating the independence and inclusion of individuals with a disability

• Teaching functional life skills including; social, communication, self-care, daily living, community access, recreation and employment skills

• Skill development for toileting, dressing, sleeping, personal hygiene, social skills, and cooking

• Transition support for various life changes, such as kindergarten, primary school, high school, post school options, recreation and work

• Working with children with challenging behaviours to undertake behavioural assessments and implement positive behaviour support plans.

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