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Exercising in water reduces the loading through joints and the warmth of the pool also provides the therapeutic effects of heat. Children through to elderly clients may enjoy the benefits of therapeutic exercises in water. Water can be used to assist or resist movement depending on the individual's injury, level of fitness or stage of rehabilitation. This makes it a versatile means of therapy.

People wishing to access the pool for hydrotherapy will require a land-based appointment with one of our Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists first. This will assist in developing baseline measures, setting goals and creating an individualised program to complete in the pool. It will also allow us to screen for any medical conditions that may require medical clearance before you can begin hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is available individually or in a small group (an allied health professional will be present during sessions to assist you with performing and progressing exercises).

Some examples of clients that may benefit from hydrotherapy are;​​

  • Clients with arthritis (additional magnesium and minerals added to pool)

  • Post joint replacement (e.g. hip, knee or shoulder)

  • Following reconstructive joint surgery (e.g. shoulder, knee or ankle reconstruction)

  • Clients with neurological conditions (e.g. Parkinson's Disease, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis)

  • Children with physical disabilities or delayed development

  • Clients with chronic pain

  • Following injury (including sport, work or motor vehicle accident)

If you are interested in accessing one of our hydrotherapy services please contact Thrive Health Centre for more information or to book your initial assessment.

The Thrive Health Centre features a 4.5m x 10m heated pool that will be available all year round for our clients. The pool can be entered by either stairs (with rail) or a chair lift. We have a hoist lifter to assist with transfers from a wheelchair into our chair lift. There is a shower in the pool room for rinsing and male, female and disability change rooms available on-site.

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